• Left mouse button - draw\interact
  • Mouse wheel - change the brush size


If you are using Edge web browser, there is a bug that makes you drag the entire game screen while you are drawing. Consider playing in a different browser or downloading a desktop version.


This game was made for the Ludum Dare 45 with the theme Start with nothing. We decided to make an adventure game in which the player builds his adventure from scratch by drawing characters and making choices.


Leonid Dudakov (@DetectiveLosos) - programming, animation, art, voice acting

Natalia Volkova (@Natashius) - art, story, voice acting

Annie Owl (@owl_annie) - story,  voice acting

Problemke (@morel_8ight) - music

Updated 20 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(203 total ratings)
AuthorDashing Ashes
GenreAdventure, Visual Novel
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Creative, Fantasy, Funny, Hand-drawn, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 45, Singleplayer, Story Rich
LinksLudum Dare


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9/10 very funny game


good but pls add a eraser the drawing is a bit hard


the game is fantastic and good


my dumb ass did NOT realize you could change the brush size. Super fun regardless!!

you can make bad hero


gdgd fairies


I accidentally made georgenotfound and committed to the minecraft youtubers schtick and drew Philza as the old man.


for some reason i made sans so the first encounter was flowey with a gun


yes i love this game but its so hard to draw and no eraser :c


this game was really fun, had a great time :)


Aww! I love this! I love how fun it is, especially with the twists and turns of the story, the fact you can draw in it and have it respond accordingly. As well as how dramatic everything is, I was howling with laughter and gasping dramatically at every twist. Lovely game!!!




oh yeah


I love this game. The simple Visual and the fact it can fit my huge drawings have certainly impressed me. I can not recommend this game enough. Give yourself a treat and play this game! 


I love this game so much haha. (the screenshots i took didnt capture or smth happened to them idk.. took one of the end when i realized so imagine the others like that ig? srry :') )

mine featured:

Blob Dream as Karl 

Pig Techno as Rogue Joy 

Crow Father as the Crazy Old Man 

Mushroom George as Olivia 

Creeper Sam as the Guard 

Revivbur as a Gang Member 

The Revival Book as the Ancient Artifact


bro i love this <3 


I drew shrek, and all the bandits were trees and bushes



Amazing game


Great game, only thing i dont like is that the hero is male by default

Deleted 154 days ago
(1 edit) (+2)

My reasoning was that I wanted to make the hero a girl, but after I already confirmed my drawing the narrator started calling the hero "he". If it was specified that the hero is a dude before you draw it would have been fine to me. Alternative would be calling the hero they/them so it fits anyones art.

I'm not the one offended or pissed off by anyhing, I was just giving my opinion which I am ENTITLED to. You can share your opinion aswell, but not like some bitchy, rude asshole. Fix your attitude and kindly leave me alone <3

Deleted 154 days ago



Thank you for the feedback. Sorry for not reacting to the guy earlier. Didn't think that someone would want to stir up some trouble in an old jam game馃槃

It was a deliberate choice not to tell the player what they are drawing in the first half of the game, to make the story feel more chaotic and random. Calling main character by they/them probably solved most of the problems, but I have not thought about that at the time.

Nonetheless, I'm happy that you've enjoyed the game 馃檪


Don't worry about it! I was surprised someone would be so pressed and assumed a bunch of things over one small comment.

I can definetly see how that would cause funny situations if you don't know what to expect, I didn't think about it that way!

I love draw your own adventure games in general and I liked your game a lot, you did a great job^^


this really trained my penis drawing skills


im bad at drawing lmfao

(1 edit) (+6)

a wonderful adventure.

mine featured:

sans as karl
komaeda nagito as rogue joy
hinata hajime as the old man
abandoned quiche as queen olivia
papyrus as guards
ouma kokichi as gang members
cookie cat as the ancient artifact

(i unfortunately didn't happen to capture any pictures of papyrus)
 Had a lot of fun with this one!! Had a wild Jazz Band adventure and almost around an hour of chaos and fun drawing!! great job on the game!!!

Ya like jazz?


I'm interested in knowing what the song was that played throughout the game; was it an original piece?


Yes, it was composed by one of our teammates during the GameJam time.

Ooh, a response! Is there a place where I could find the song on its own to listen to, as an audio file?


Sorry, but we have not uploaded the song by itself anywhere. I'm not sure if we even have the original file still 馃槄


That's too bad. I really like the song, it got stuck in my head for a time. Maybe if you find it, you would be willing to post/share it? Thank you for the info, and for the fun game!


did I spend entirely too long drawing characters from FNAF?  yes. yes I did XD


This game was soooo much fun to play!!!!!!!


It was beautiful it was so beautiful 



My hero was an orange, the rogue was a penis, the old man was simply the words "deez nuts", the princess was a censor bar, the guards were Youtube copyright strikes, the rogue's gang was the Facebook logo, and the weapon was Kirby.




Red Among us was the hero, Dream was the rouge, Blue Among us was the old man, Roblox Copy-Paste girl was the princess, the guards were buff men, GeorgeNotFound was the Rouge's team, and the weapon was a Minecraft Diamond Sword


idk bro that's kinda sus 馃サ


bro i just mistakenly closed tab at the end :(

drew walugi from memory as a fnf rapper lolol

I literally only tried on the hero. I kept on making women XD


Perfect match

(1 edit) (+3)

thats kinda sus



Kinda SUS


adorable game!!! i knew kissing the rouge was a good choice...


One question: the personality of characters depend on what do I draw?






Yep it's funny, but, the character's personality depends of the drawing?


whoa hold on there now


so he must be a dick


Dick? What does it mean?

no one tell him

(1 edit) (+1)

I looooove the concept ! Drawing and gaming <3 Miss an eraser and more drawing tools, but it leads to happy accidents 馃槄 

I made a video on Youtube, with French translation. There's a cat and some angry sausages !


good game

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