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Cyberpunk top down shooter, but instead of shooting guns you reflect enemy bullets back at them.

How to play

There are two colors of bullets: ORANGE and BLUE. You can ONLY reflect ORANGE bullets, but you can also invert the world color to turn blue bullets into orange.

You can also absorb bullets to release a powerful attack afterwards.


This game was made in less than two days during local offline gamejam at Indiecator creative space. There were a couple of additions and balance adjustments afterwards, so technically it's a postjam version.


  • WASD + Mouse - Movement and aim
  • Left Mouse Button - Toggle bullet absorption and laser attack
  • Right Mouse Button - Invert world color
  • R - Restart


Leonid Dudakov (@DetectiveLosos) - programming, art, vfx

Natalia Volkova (@Natashius) - art, level design

Annie Owl (@owl_annie) - programming

Background music is made by Frankumjay and licensed under the Creative Commons 0 License.


HyperLightKnight.zip 24 MB


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A brilliant game that would fit right at home in an arcade cabinet. Easy to play and hard to master you'll find yourself dodging and weaving bullets to a crunchy soundtrack until the small hours of the morning...


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Thank you for checking out our game! We were considering giving pistols to shield guys as an alternative weapon, so you would not get stuck when only shield guys left.


Awesome little game here! The reflections felt great and I loved the setting, music and crazy colors. My only problem is that the missiles can be a bit of an issue if they stack on top of each other, but I suggested to different tweaks that could solve it :) Hope it helps!

Thanks a lot for playing our game! We were thinking about dash-move while developing the concept but decided that it would make the game too easy. Seeing how many people who played this prototype have problems with avoiding missiles and getting away from things, we probably should consider adding this feature :D