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Unstable signal on the radio and uneasy waters all around you. Take a deep dive in a life of a lighthouse keeper. Your duties are:

  • Fuel up generator to keep lighthouse working.
  • Listen to the radio in case of any distress calls.
  • Guide lost ships using the light.
  • Don't forget to take a nap once in a while!

Made for Ludum Dare 49. Theme Unstable.

How to play (IMPORTANT!):

  • You have to spend 7 days on the lighthouse to finish the game (sleep = next day)
  • Check notice board each day to see what happened
  • Radio also needs energy to function
  • How to read routes: i.e. there is a ship on it’s way from Roma to Loco and it needs the 4th sector of it’s route, this would be it (count dots in the right direction):


  • WASD - Movement / Select dialog option
  • Mouse - Look
  • E - Interact
  • Escape - Exit interaction mode


Leonid Dudakov (@DetectiveLosos) - Lighthouse, island and water assets, VFX, Lighting

Natalia Sedova (natalyasedova17) - Interior assets, Game idea

Annie Owl (@owl_annie) - Game design, Programming, SFX

Audio Samples Used For Mixing


LD49_Wickie_Win.zip 159 MB

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